“All Together Again,” all works copyrighted.

March 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

This show is based on a compilation of fictional writings that I have done over the past year about the meaning of “home” and some of its mutations. Each piece is psychological fieldwork in studying inhabitance and what subtleties grow between people when daily life is shared.

Each story is inspired by both internal and external experience. In the process of composition, it is crucial to me that in the matter of observation, I fuel each new perspective with my own personal history. That being said, the stories are not retellings; rather, they are my own reconstructions of specific voices across communities. That is why perspective has been so clearly established—that these voices are heard but also so clearly from my own throat.

The conventional experience of writing is hardly physical and yet every day, we are recording our histories beyond intellectual decision. The way we remember and store the memories of childhood, a new relationship, the proximity of death of a loved one, are embedded in the built spaces around us. We are so closely related to our environment that it may well be the most intimate of all; without expectation, the walls around us, the smell of our terrain, the sounds of others in our community, offer us the power to decide that these are mine. This place is mine. This is Home. It is perhaps the only fact that I am assured of daily, knowing the place that both belongs to me, and that to which I belong.


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