October 26, 2011 § 1 Comment

Are you still close to your father is just another way of saying are you still his daughter.

What is the loudest way to say no without forcing it out of the orifices, without destroying the form, distorting the sound of

No is a right angle. My tongue gets wrapped around the acute ninety and I flick it against my teeth to free it from the mouth. It reaches you but hits you on its long side. So it makes sense that your reaction is not much more than a mild itch.

Father. What would be a better name now? Father is a magnet for words like remember, the love, you cultivated but most of all it is a black hole for the word daughter.  If you flip the word daughter over onto her head, it fills a lot of space that father leaves when he’s right side up.

Or maybe we just find another name for daughter. Maybe we just say, in any order, the girl, who lost, the sense, of being, child. Maybe that name is long enough to reach you without being scattered across the plane.


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