Letter Series, No. 001

September 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

I think it would be good if you wrote mama, since you was supposed to call her last week and she been waiting by the phone for days, letting her coffee go cold. even if it was understood by me why you would set off with only yours own self and a pair of shoes, it isn’t so understood by mama, or even the girls who seem to be slowing down, not doing their reading and letters because they too busy thinking about where you sleep at night. it wouldn’t be so hard, it only costs ten cents to make a call. i’m sure they got phones where you sleeping. mama made cherry pie last night and the baby threw it up. she must have been nervous, must have been upset without you putting her to sleep with your low singing voice but who knows. she just throws up to let you know when she sad, she don’t cry like mama does. missus Leighton from across the street and down two, she asked me to pick up trash in her front yard for a dollar so I did, and then mister Olsen saw what a good job I did and he paid me a dollar fifty to pick up his yard and then my pockets were full so i couldn’t take no more offers. i found a plastic doll half way in the dirt by the creek behind mister Olsen’s, so i dipped her head in the water and let the mud run through ’til the water was clear. she had yellow hair and so does the baby so i put it in her bed when i got home. mama gave me a good beating ’cause i guess she found the baby chewing on that doll hair and she called me careless just like your father. i didn’t know what she meant by that but i thought i was doing nice so i think she meant that i look a lot like you and it doesn’t do well on her mind. well mama’s calling for supper. i wonder if you can hear her calling for supper too. you know, if you was hungry, i always leave your place set at the table if you want to come home to eat.


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