the knowing

July 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

choose one over the other.
a pear over an apple, yourself
over her. it’s about
taking care of your own woman
and letting that one go for a while.
But you:

you are my woman. I take care of you and
I feel my legs getting stronger.

decisiveness is not an
expectation. it’s an illusion that comes
out of a loud voice. sometimes
that makes you weary and your
voice leaves your body. it is bored of your

you make new choices each week. in fact,
you came here today and
collected a few of your belongings.
you did so with great care. your throat
was sore so you spoke softly.

you even let me give you gifts; you
accepted them with ease and your smile broke
when I passed them off into your hands.

but i’m not the choice you made.
my sadness is intolerable.
you’re too round,
too red, you say,
and you say you need time to understand the
symmetry of my shape and the density of
my color.

the difference is, I don’t need choices.
what I need is


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