the liminal space

May 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

In the liminal space. Through
The mouth. Off the tongue.
Limited, this space.
Partly space, partly darkness.

You say you can love me in
The liminal space.
But not around it, limited
To it.

I love you in the pain
In my neck, in
Each bodily ailment
that pretends
To limit us but you are truly
Limitless in your movements
Around me. I see that
And I don’t.
Liminal as my eyes lose focus:
Your neck is a trunk.
No, your neck is your neck.
Your body is your body,
My body is your body over mine.
Limitless in its movements.

I am talking about the
Condition of calling
Out love.
Conditioned to make
Declarations outside,
Under, beside the liminal space.
The waiting space.
The forgetting space.
You cry out and say
Don’t watch me.
I stop focusing my eyes
Around you.
That shadow between two
Bodies, that space is
Lost in the limits of
My heart is a balloon. No,
My heart is a heart.

In the liminal space,
I can find my own
Way. I can say
Anything and it will be true.
Out, not limited to in.
Limitless in my
And you will not
Find me.


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